‘Pam Tippett: Here and there’ at Australian Galleries, Sydney

A Pam Tippett solo, “Here and There,” is currently on view at the Australian Galleries through September 23, 2018. The exhibition showcases a series of recent works from renowned Australian painter and continues his explorations into the relationships we have with the objects that surround us.


According to a note on the exhibition on the gallery website, “The artist paints the humble, yet beautiful items she has randomly collected over the years.  As the paintings accumulated she noticed that these objects came from all over the world (hence ‘Here’ and ‘There’). Small intricately decorated jars and vessels from Italy, Morocco and Norway, a wooden figure from Japan, ceramic Buddhas from China and a traditional Papua New  Guinean lime gourd are revealed with honesty and humanity, each item stands majestic with its own unique mood and character. A plastic bag filled with lemons left on the doorstep by a neighbour, a hearty pumpkin on the kitchen bench and the plump, cloudy skin on a bowl of fresh plums resonate as deeply familiar, yet when presented with such singular and honest contemplation become utterly enthralling…”


“‘Here and There’ draws the viewer in to connect with the innate beauty of the objects, people and places that we gather throughout life’s journey,” the Gallery states.

Born in 1950, painter Pam Tippett studied at Studio Simi in Florence Italy between 1977 and 1980. Her realist still life paintings depict isolated domestic objects in staged interiors. Tippett has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and internationally in Italy and France. She was awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Study Grant in 1978 and the Coffs Harbour Eutick Memorial Still Life Award in 2010. Her work is held by several major Australian regional galleries.


Since its beginning in 1956, Australian Galleries has continued to showcase significant contemporary Australian artists and their work for over 60 years with a vibrant monthly exhibition program and extensive stock gallery, averaging between forty to fifty exhibitions each year. Australian Galleries celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2016. The gallery continues to encourage and develop links between the arts and its audience by keeping abreast of current themes in contemporary art.


The exhibition will be on view through September 23, 2018, at Australian Galleries, 15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 202, Sydney, Australia.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.                           

Founder: Louise Blouin

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