‘Henri Matisse: Prints’ at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London

Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London, is currently hosting ‘Henri Matisse: Prints’, on view through September 15, 2018. This wide ranging exhibition features more than 60 rare and important works from the gallery’s comprehensive collection of Matisse Prints, currently the largest and most significant collection of Matisse prints held by any commercial gallery in the world.


“Matisse is an artist we celebrate for his sumptuous use of colour but he was also a consummate master of line: a virtuosity employed to considerable effect throughout more than half a century of print making. These largely monochromatic works, created using a range of techniques, place him firmly as one of the greatest printmakers of the 20th century and appear to us as fresh and vivacious now as the day they were made,” The Gallery states in a press note.


Printmaking was frequently used by Matisse as an extension of drawing and an opportunity for him to experiment with the use of simplified, sometimes almost abstract line. With printmaking, he could return repeatedly to favorite compositions, such as the seated or reclining female and adapt them to suit the demands of his artistic vision. Matisse describes this process of ‘visual editing’, as an attempt to capture the essence of his subject beyond the immediate beauty of the figure. “I know that I must give it something more. I will concentrate the meaning of the body by seeking its essential lines. The charm will be less obvious at first glance, but it must eventually emerge from the image… (it) will have a broader meaning, and one more fully human,” said the artist in his Notes of a Painter (1908).”


Bernard Jacobson Gallery was founded in 1969, publishing and distributing prints by artists including Robyn Denny, Lucian Freud, David Hockney, Leon Kossoff, Henry Moore, Richard Smith, Ed Ruscha and William Tillyer. By the mid 1970s, having established himself as one of the major dealers in prints, Jacobson began to show paintings and sculpture. Recently, the gallery has held shows by the American artists Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein and Tom Wesselmann, while European painters include Bram Bogart and Pierre Soulages and British artists William Tillyer, Bruce McLean and Marc Vaux.


The exhibition will be on view through September 15, 2018, at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, 28 Duke Street St James’s, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6AG, UK

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the artworks.                           

Founder: Louise Blouin

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