Excerpts from the October Harper’s Index

More than half the campaign spending for state-level judges comes from “dark money.”

Some items from the Harper’s Index:

Percentage by which men who make less than their wives underreport 
their wives’ earnings: 2.1

By which they overreport their own earnings: 2.9

By which their wives underreport their own earnings: 1.5

Percentage of college-educated white families that will receive an inheritance
of more than $10,000: 41

Of college-educated black families that will: 13

Average amount by which white families’ inheritances are greater: $110,000

Number of paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence that were censored by Facebook in July as hate speech: 5

Minimum number of foreign electoral interventions conducted 
from 1990 to 2000 by the United States: 18

By Russia: 3

Estimated percentage of outside spending on US state judicial elections 
that is in the form of “dark money”: 54

Average percentage by which the price of a U.S. product exceeded 
its production cost in 1980: 10

In 2016: 60




On this date at Daily Kos in 2003Foreign help not on the horizon:

Four U.S. soliders have died the past four days — glorious victories in Bush’s “flypaper” War Against Terror.

You see, as Bush, Andrew Sullivan, and other Chickenhawk Neocons remind us — we should celebrate every time US forces are killed in Iraq, because those very same terrorists would otherwise be killing Americans here in the US.

Dead Americans in the U.S. — bad. Dead Americans in Iraq — good. Thank the heavens we can enjoy the benefits of good, sound Chickenhawk Neocon thinking.

Yet given our great successes in getting our US troops killed in Iraq, not the U.S., it’s difficult to understand why we can’t garner any international help.[…]

Acknowledging the difficulty, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation, “If there’s another U.N. resolution, my guess is the most we could hope to get for, by way of additional international troops, would be something between zero or 10,000 and 15,000.”

Talk about lowering expectations. We went from 60,000 additional international troops, to 0-15,000.

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