Chung sends Kim Jong-un’s peace message to Bolton

National Security Office chief Chung Eui-yong had a telephone conversation with his U.S. counterpart John Bolton, Thursda, delivering a message from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

This came a day after a five-member South Korean delegation ― led by Chung ― visited Pyongyang Wednesday to discuss the agenda for the upcoming inter-Korean summit and confirm its timeframe.

The delegation met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, according to Cheong Wa Dae. The presidential office also said the regime’s young leader reaffirmed his strong willingness to realize his pledge for complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

During the phone call, Chung also delivered Kim’s determination to cooperate with the U.S. to realize a peace drive.

“The North Korean leader wanted conditions to be created for him to feel as if his decision on denuclearization was in the right direction,” Chung quoted Kim as saying, adding that the North Korean leader called for Chung to deliver his strong determination for peace to Washington.

“North Korea hopes to end the seven-decade-long hostility between Washington and Pyongyang by improving bilateral relations and realizing denuclearization of the peninsula,” Kim was quoted as saying.

Chung said Kim underlined that his trust in U.S. President Donald Trump remains unchanged.

“The Washington-Pyongyang negotiations have suffered recent setbacks, but the North will continue to trust Trump at this critical juncture,” Kim was quoted as saying.

The remarks reflect the ongoing political tug-of-war between both sides after they failed to narrow their differences in denuclearization talks.

Kim went on underlining that he has never made any negative remarks to his advisers about the U.S. president, according to Chung.

In June, Washington and Pyongyang held their first-ever summit in Singapore where both sides agreed to cooperate toward the mutual goal of complete denuclearization of the peninsula.

At that time, the outlook for the plan looked rosy, but bilateral relations began to face a bumpy road after both sides failed to come to terms with a specific timeline.

For this reason, there has been a sense of concern that the unpredictable leader of North Korea may retreat from his peace posture.

But Chung said Kim remained firm in his determination for denuclearization.

Chung also said Kim expressed his frustration with the continuous doubts from international society over the credibility of the regime’s pledge for peace.

“Kim has reiterated his determination to continue building close partnerships with the South as well as the U.S. for the complete denuclearization of the peninsula,” Chung said.

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