Celtics fans should ignore what Kyrie Irving says about his future, and other thoughts

Fifteen things I believe:

1. I believe Celtics fans should follow my lead. Ignore anything Kyrie Irving says or hints about his future and simply concentrate on enjoying the 2018-19 season. Mr. Irving enjoys keeping people off guard.

2. I believe offside in both hockey and soccer is an unnecessary hindrance to those games.

3. I believe that if and when Bill Belichick writes his memoirs it will be a fascinating book and will be a runaway bestseller.

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4. I believe that on the subject of Dennis Eckersley at the mike we should all invoke Voltaire and say that if he didn’t exist it would be necessary for us to invent him.

5. I believe that many batting and pitching metrics have great value but that the choice of words to describe the existing defensive metrics is a toss-up between “fraudulent” and “useless.”

6. I believe Patrice Bergeron should start preparing bilingual acceptance speeches for his jersey retirement. And Big Z makes two.

7. I believe the rise of the Patriots from a distant fan interest No. 4 in 1983 to its top spot today is the most amazing sports story of my 50 years in this business.

8. I believe that Drew Bledsoe doesn’t get enough credit for his role in establishing the Patriots franchise’s credibility.

9. I believe the 3-point shot is the worst thing that has happened to basketball in my lifetime. It distorts the game at every level.

10. I believe Mookie Betts would have made either a great point guard or cornerback. But I’m glad he chose baseball.

11. I believe Major League Baseball has its roster composition backward. There should be 40-man rosters in April and 25-man rosters for the nitty-gritty month of September.

12. I believe the state of Rhode Island will long regret not finding a way to keep the Pawtucket Red Sox. And this is throwing no shade on Worcester.

13. I believe that if Bill Russell were air-lifted into today’s NBA exactly as he was, he would be the perennial league leader in rebounding and blocked shots.

14. I believe there is no such thing as America’s “best” sports town. But let it be known we live in the luckiest with 10
parades in the 21st century, and maybe a few more on deck.

15. I believe Ted Williams was even better than people think. He grandfathered today’s in-vogue uppercut swing, minus the strikeouts (2,021 career walks, 709 career K’s).

Bonus: I believe that had we been able to solve the finances Boston would have been a phenomenal Summer Olympics venue.

Take it from someone fortunate enough to cover six of them, plus five Winters.

Bob Ryan’s column appears regularly in the Globe. He can be reached at

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