Schuette Scuffles with RGA & Runs from His Record on Healthcare

Bill Schuette spent this week scuffling with the Republican Governor’s Association and desperately trying to run from his disastrous healthcare record. Meanwhile polls and political forecasters continued to show Democrats are gaining momentum, with the Cook Political Report highlighting how Schuette “doesn’t seem to be getting any real traction, and is on the defensive on issues like health care.”

“Bill Schuette’s two biggest enemies this week were seemingly the RGA and his own disastrous healthcare record,” stated Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson Sam Newton. “He is desperate and on the run, but there’s nothing Schuette can do to change his past thirty years of putting himself and special interests before working families.”

Here’s a roundup of how Schuette spent this week scuffing with the RGA & running from his record on healthcare:

Tuesday: Two new statewide polls showed Gretchen Whitmer leading Bill Schuette by double digits, with margins of 49%-39% and 50%-36%.

Wednesday: MIRS News reported that the RGA is “very concerned” about the Schuette campaign and shifted millions of dollars in TV ads to send the message: “Fix the campaign or we are done.” Getting desperate, Schuette tried to claim he will keep Healthy Michigan — even though everything in Schuette’s record for the past eight years shows he will tear up Medicaid expansion the first chance he gets.
Additionally, Bridge Magazine’s “Truth Squad” scolded Schuette for running “misleading” attacks and “cynically pandering to voters on” issues that have “little to do with a governor’s job duties or improving Michigan’s future.”

Thursday: Schuette’s scuffle with the RGA played out in the Michigan media, even prompting a panicked Schuette to personally call MIRS news to deny any infighting.
A new report slammed Schuette for causing workers to lose $37 million in annual overtime payments, while the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Whitmer over Michigan’s so-called top cop — after backing Snyder in 2010 and 2014.

Friday: Both the Cook Political Report and Governing Magazine shifted their forecasts for Michigan’s race for governor in favor of Democrats.

In contrast, how did this week go for Gretchen Whitmer and Garlin Gilchrist II? There’s just one photo needed to answer that:

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