Kamikazes, Kill shots and a Career Not Quite Finished Yet

While Eminem isn’t very active on social media, apparently he doesn’t miss much. Every negative word said about Revival, his daughter and him in general managed to hit his radar. A sleeping giant had been woken, he decided he was tired of taking the high road and remaining quiet while everyone took public shots at him. Which ultimately led to him releasing the surprise album Kamikaze at the end of last month.

Kamikaze is an album many Eminem fans had been waiting for. They wanted the old, angry slim shady back. The one who dissed people on a whim, sending their careers into a pit of despair and irrelevancy in doing so.

I wasn’t one of those people. I like the mature and personal direction his music has gone since getting sober. While I found the song Fall on his latest album Kamikaze entertaining and funny, as well as understood why he felt the need to clap back at everyone who had taken subtle and not so subtle shots at him — it was mild compared to what the Eminem of yesteryear was capable of.

In fact, I didn’t love the album overall. It kills me to say it but it just may be my least favorite release of his. I feel like he let too many rappers who are far less talented than him, take up space in his head. There were practically no personal songs of deeper meaning or value, which have become some of my favorite, as both he and I have gotten older and sober. While the talent is still clearly there lyrically and I imagine always will be, I just didn’t love it.

Fast forward to a week after the release of Kamikaze, when rapper MGK put out an Eminem diss song called Rap Devil, that trended heavy on social media and YouTube. While I’m no MGK fan and honestly can’t name another song of his — I’ll admit I heard it, was pretty impressed and feared for the worst. From what I heard in Rap Devil and was seeing the masses say about it on social media, I really thought it just may be the end of Eminem’s career.

In fact, a friend of mine and I, who both love Eminem equally as much, had in depth discussion about how good Rap Devil was and how maybe it was time for him to hang it up. We talked about how the magic had been missing in much of his music for awhile now, how rap was a young man’s game and maybe Em just wasn’t hungry enough anymore. My friend was impatiently waiting for Eminem’s reply though, I really wasn’t because I wasn’t sure there’d be one. Even worse, I couldn’t stomach the thought of Eminem losing a battle to this man I had practically never heard of up until a week earlier.

Then yesterday, I woke up from an after work mid day nap to the exact thing I needed to. A text from the same friend mentioned above, telling me Eminem just released a reply to MGK’s diss — and to go listen to it, twice.

I literally did exactly that and everything made sense in rap and the world again. Eminem released a song titled Kill shot, which is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a four minute and fourteen second murderous reply to the young courageous MGK, one I can’t help but feel like is going to end the poor kid’s career before it ever really started.

Eminem starts off by asking MGK “How he’s going to name himself after a damn gun and have a man bun?” and it doesn’t get any better for MGK from there. In true 8 Mile fashion, he tells MGK “I’m 45 and and I’m still outselling you, by 29 I had three albums that had blew”.

He uses practically every insult MGK threw at him on Rap Devil against him. Within the first minute of listening to Kill Shot, I knew he had the victory in the bag.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a fan of rap or listen to the song to come to the same conclusion. You can scroll down just about any one of your social media feeds right now and my bet is you’ll see someone sharing the track and declaring Eminem victorious. The song was only posted to YouTube 24 hours ago and has 34 million views. Talk about a kill shot.

While I admit, I had my doubts, it appears I should have known better — Eminem still has some fight left in him and the real slim shady isn’t ready to sit down quietly, just yet.

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