Hotel and fast food workers keep up the fight

The Trump administration is determined to take their rights. The Supreme Court is determined to take their rights. Republican state governments have already passed a slew of laws taking their rights. But workers are still fighting back. Some noteworthy actions happening now or on the horizon:

 Thousands of Chicago workers are out on first citywide hotel strike in over a century:

Contracts at 30 downtown hotels—each negotiated separately—expired on August 31. The strike was authorized two weeks earlier by 97 percent of voting union members.

In addition to raises, safer workloads, increased sick days and improved job security, workers are fighting to win year-round health insurance. Hotel workers with lower seniority are typically laid off during the winter months, when business gets slow, and lose their healthcare until they are rehired in the spring.

Meanwhile, Marriott workers in San Francisco and San Jose voted to authorize a strike, following workers in Honolulu and Boston and on Maui. They say that “one job should be enough” for workers at the world’s largest hotel chain.

 McDonald’s workers are set to hold a one-day strike over sexual harassment. It’s coming on September 18 in 10 cities:

Organizers of the action say it will be the first multi-state strike in the US specifically targeting sexual harassment and that they have been emboldened by the #MeToo movement against harassment and sexual assault.

Plans for the walkout – to start at lunchtime on 18 September – have been approved in recent days by committees of female employees at dozens of McDonald’s restaurants. Lead organizers include several women who filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in May, alleging pervasive harassment at some of the corporation’s franchise restaurants.

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