Tim Allen Talks Last Man Standing Moving From ABC To Fox

In case you somehow missed it — a quick recap. In 2017, Last Man Standing was cancelled by ABC. In 2018, Fox announced that it would revive the series, paving the way for the fan-favorite sitcom to return to television. With the show’s premiere now within sight, Tim Allen has been hitting the promotion trail. So, how does the actor feel about returning to the same show in light of the differences? Allen had this to say:

That’s a lot of letters! And it sounds like Last Man Standing will be picking up pretty much where it left off. Based on Tim Allen’s interview with EW, fans know what sustained the actor during the rough time in between the show being cancelled and then revived by Fox. They had more stories to tell. Thankfully for Last Man Standing and its fans, it did not take multiple years off the air for the show to be brought back to life.

With the comedy’s premiere now imminent, it will not be too much longer before Last Man Standing gets a chance to prove how big of a hit it will be in the ratings. So, now the answer to a question many fans may be curious to know. Does Tim Allen have any desire to prove something to ABC by having the sitcom be a huge hit on Fox? Allen weighed in, and his answer may surprise you. Allen said:

So, no bad blood there. As for the differences between Fox and ABC, Tim Allen revealed there are few to speak of. And while Fox executives do not show up on the same dates for script read-throughs, both networks’ note sessions for the comedy have been the same. So, not a lot of changeups behind the scenes of the show. Of course, there have been some on-screen changes, as certain cast members will not be returning for Last Man Standing‘s Fox revival.

Mike Baxter’s daughter Mandy will be played by Molly McCook when the show returns for the seventh season. And Tim Allen shared his praise for how the actress is taking over the role of Mike’s middle daughter. Molly Ephraim originally played the character. Along with a new Mandy, Last Man Standing will also be introducing a new actor to play Mike’s grandson Boyd.

While it seemed like Season 7 would see all the Baxter family members return, it was recently revealed that one member would not be alive when the show returns. Regardless of the changes, Tim Allen seems pumped for Last Man Standing‘s return, and the fans who wrote letters for its comeback, among others, likely share in his excitement.

Fans’ patience will pay off when the sitcom returns, along with many other shows, including those on Fox‘s schedule. Last Man Standing will return for its first season on Fox and its seventh season overall, on Friday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET.

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