Republicans have their advertising strategy for 2018 locked down: Racism and sexism

Antonio Delgado
Antonio Delgado

Donald Trump’s Republican Party is bringing us an election filled with the racial division and outright racism of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. Republicans are running their least diverse slate of candidates in decades. They have fewer black candidates than in 1994 and a 40-year low of women. Democrats, meanwhile, have a record number of women nominated for the House and Senate and for governor, a record number of LGBTQ candidates, and a number of black candidates “on par with the records set in recent years.” And Republicans are seizing on that by running a string of racist, sexist ads.

Antonio Delgado, a Rhodes Scholar and Harvard Law School graduate running in New York’s 19th Congressional District, may be getting the most openly racist treatment:

[Republicans’] latest ad, released Wednesday, features grainy clips of Delgado, who is African American and made a 2007 rap album. His censored explicit lyrics dominate the ad, along with the album cover, which shows a glaring Delgado in a hoodie.

But he has competition—the kind of competition no one wants—from Aftab Pureval, a candidate of Tibetan and Indian descent in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District, who has been the subject of ads linking him to Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi because a law firm for which he was a junior attorney handled some terrorism lawsuits against Libya.

Then there’s the sexism. Former fighter pilot Amy McGrath, running in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District:

… is contending with a barrage of negative ads, including one from Barr that shows her saying, “Hell yeah, I’m a feminist.”

Another ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund shows her photo alongside Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Hillary Clinton, depicting her with other powerful women.

This is today’s Republican Party: white men running on racist, sexist attacks, trying to get white men out to vote in droves, to hell with everyone else. And, by the way, getting both-sidesy headlines like “Raw tensions over race and gender shape midterms, reflecting schism in Trump era,” from the Washington Post. That’s not raw tensions, guys. That’s the Republican Party racistly trying to exploit racism.

Let’s push back on these bigoted attacks in the best way we can—by winning the House. Can you give $1 to each of these nine amazing Democratic women?

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