What We Can Learn From John McCain’s Funeral

Senator John McCain.

The late Senator John McCain‘s funeral has been widely interpreted as a powerful rebuke to Donald Trump‘s presidency. His funeral was hailed as a bipartisan affair, with both Barack Obama and George W. Bush offering their own eulogies.

However, the funeral had another important message for those who still wield power: to not wait until your time is up to speak out.

McCain’s career as a pilot and senator was a long and distinguished one. He was also an outspoken critic against Trump. But did McCain really, as the New York Times suggested, “[get] the last word against Trump”? Yes, McCain did manage to disrespect Trump by making sure the incumbent president couldn’t attend the funeral while his predecessors could, and, yes, the eulogies delivered a stern criticism of Trump’s style of governance. But McCain is also at least partially responsible for the Trump presidency—a fact that surely complicates the late senator’s legacy.

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