Why Former WBAI Host Randy Credico Is Talking To Robert Mueller


Randy Credico, 2010 (Azi Paybarah/ flickr)


One of the more unusual figures of interest in the Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation—and that is saying something—is Randy Credico, activist, comedian, former radio host at WBAI. Credico is scheduled to meet with Muller’s team tomorrow, reports the NYTimes, and he plans to do impressions.

“It’s like, ask me if I’m going to breathe? Of course I’m going to do impressions,” Credico told the Times.

Credico has had a long-time friendship and working relationship with President Trump’s creepy political advisor Roger Stone. Last year, Roger Stone, who loves dirty tricks and white supremacist hand signals, said that Credico was his backchannel to Wikileaks, tipping him off when dirt on Hillary Clinton would drop. Credico denies this.


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I asked Roger Stone in March if Randy Credico was his Wikileaks contact and he lied to me and said no. He just texted me, “A misguided effort to protect Credico who I felt had helped me on an off the record basis. Sorry.” Many reporters use Stone as a Trump source. Beware.

— Ryan Lizza (@RyanLizza) November 30, 2017

“He told me this repeatedly from mid-August and throughout September,” Stone told the NY Times. “He is my only source of information regarding WikiLeaks, as limited as it was.”

Credico has interviewed Julian Assange on his former radio show, and has praised him as a hero on Twitter, but he has consistently denied connecting Assange and Stone on Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails. In March, on Midday on WNYC, Natasha Bertrand, staff writer for The Atlantic, was discussing her story “Roger Stone’s Secret Messages with WikiLeaks.” Credico called the show to say that the Bertrand did not know what she was talking about and had it all wrong. He was not put on the air.

When he went on MSNBC back in May, Credico agreed that that Stone was hyping or lying when he said that Credio was his intermediary to Wikileaks. But he did say that he spoke frequently to Assange, and spoke “off the record” with Representative Adam Schiff. The exchange between Randy Credico and Ari Melber is noteworthy:

Credico: I went down there for a specific reason. I went down there to ask him, if you want to get to the bottom of all this, then go to London, I had gone there with a mandate from Assange for Mr. Schiff to go over there and interview him.

Melber: Hold on, what? Wait. You have Julian Assange willing to speak to Adam Schiff’s committee?

Credico: Yes. That’s the reason I went down there, it was a secret mission

Credico also told Melber that Stone had threatened to harm his dog, Bianca, a fluffy 14-pound Coton de Tulear, who will be by Credico’s side during his meeting with Mueller’s team.

Stone and Credico’s 16 year relationship has had its ups and downs, but it started to go south in 2007, when someone anonymously left a threatening, profanity laced voicemail for the father of then Governor Eliot Spitzer. Stone was identified as the culprit, and was pushed out of his job as consultant for Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno. But Stone told the Washington Post that it could have been Credico who left the voicemail, imitating him.

“He’s been on Letterman, he’s been on Leno,” Stone told the Post. “He does an incredible [former senator Alfonse] D’Amato. He has made phone calls as me and the people he was calling thought it was me.”

You can judge Credico’s imitation skills for yourself in this 2013 video where he imitates Al Sharpton, with Sharpton’s glowing approval.

Considering Credico’s penchant for the spotlight, he might be one of the few people willing to speak publicly about what it is like to be interviewed by Mueller’s team.

Credico declined to comment for this story, as did WBAI.

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