Launching In Taiwan, SELF’s Business Model Gains Worldwide Attention

Taiwan’s up-and-coming director Jack Hsu not only has the strength to produce high quality content, but is also an entrepreneur full of ideas. He quickly rocketed to popularity with the “Mr. Bartender,” a web-series that explored social constructs and the ills of modernity. At the same time, he created a decentralized immersive entertainment experience, allowing viewers to enter the actual bar in the web-series, to take on the role of the characters in the same atmosphere, to combine virtual content and real life consumption. The concept of “linking virtuality and reality” has since attracted attention from all corners of the world.

The SELF proposal plans to combine cinema and blockchain technology, a seed to completely revolutionize the media industry. Since its launch, SELF has received invitations all over the world to extend this immersive entertainment concept. In Q3 of 2019, film The Last Thieves will play in major theaters and countries in Asia, tapping into an audience of over 600 million. Following the film, Director Jack will also be invited to Europe to make his next work “Waiting For You” (temporary name). In doing so, he will be bringing the immersive entertainment ecosystem to Europe, allowing this “decentralized Disneyland” to travel across borders.

The Potential to Change the World

SELF’s business model includes “cinema” and “blockchain,” two industries that cannot seem more distinct. However, upon closer examination, the two industries have one salient and similar quality: the ability to surpass border limitations, to circulate globally. Everyone has a story they cherish, and films are the most common form of mass media that supplies such stories. Likewise, blockchain is like “the new internet.” As one of the SELF co-founders JC says, “this ecosystem that can facilitate merchant-consumer relations in any corner of the world…from day one, SELF can be globally circulated.

Many assume that SELF’s creation is targeted only at Taiwan’s film industry and culture, but in practicality, it inherently comes with groundbreaking potentials to any place that welcomes an “immersive entertainment ecosystem” such as this one. First, the film The Last Thieves will break the mold of traditional domestic film releases seen in Taiwan, opening simultaneously in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Philippines and more. Eventually, the entire Asia Pacific region can witness this thrilling corporate warfare film.

Beside that, the practical applications that SELF TOKEN brings has already managed to expand outside of Taiwan further and earlier than expected. Within the media industry, SELF can be exchanged for movie tickets in major theaters in Hong Kong (including AMC, Golden Harvest, and more). In addition, the team is discussing with the Thailand government to find ways for SELF to play into the Thai film industry. Outside of the media industry, the concept of immersive entertainment will continue to attract investors’ interest. The original web-series and bar SELF BAR will also expand to Los Angeles, Shanghai, where SELF can circulate and expand globally.

Moreover, SELF will be listed on Australia’s largest digital asset exchange Bitrabbit, and has attracted many Australian and Chinese exchanges to reach out and discuss listing possibilities. From a technical standpoint, the film The Last Thieves will also collaborate with BaseChain to explore the new verification mechanism DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) within the movie itself; which includes how to select agents among nodes and divide them across 42 different constituencies in order to conduct verification and billing.

A New Business Model for Content Creation

SELF’s buisness model is split into three phases. The first phase is Proof of Concept. This includes the shooting of corporate warfare film The Last Thieves and the release of the SELF as seen in the film. The second phase is to expand the SELF ecosystem through SELF Play, which allows film distributors and foreign business partners to join in, launching the Proof of Service. Lastly, the third phase is the Proof of Business, fulfilling the global expansion of an immersive entertainment ecosystem and completing the linkage between reality and the new entertainment world of virtuality. Cinema is a way to communicate across the world. Blockchain is a technology that can change the world. SELF TOKEN plans to combine the two and launch an all new experience for everyone.

To learn more about SELF, please visit:https://selftoken.co

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