Watching Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz’s Confession Left Me Questioning Humanity

1. Drop the politics and remember who this is about.

Let me repeat this once again. Seventeen innocent people lost their lives. Most of them were getting ready for college while few had just set foot in the next exciting chapter of their lives, high school. Teachers became heroes protecting their students in the classroom, dying to save many worlds but their own. Unfortunately, this was one of way too many mass shootings that could have been prevented.

In general, I do see a desire for change in America when it comes to gun control but the arguing overclouds everything. The left wants it one way, the right wants it the other way, and it feels as if there is no one in between with power. The in between that can say, “both of you shut the f**ck up, we have a real problem and no time for finger pointing and blame games”, and get something done and over with already.

“We Are Better”- Jerry Keisewetter on

To the right side, please stop caring more about freedom to purchase an assault rifle than the lives of children and people of all ages. Nobody is trying to ruin America by saying we need a background and mental health check for people to be able to purchase any type of assault weapon. I was in the Israeli Defense Forces but because of my condition with mental illness, mutually I was discharged because one could only imagine someone having a breakdown while holding an M-16, especially if you are not medicated properly. Take your meds, go for therapy, and then get your guns but our children are more important than a piece of paper governing the (broken) United States of America.

To the left, stop being so elitist and claiming that because you want change, you are holier than thou. This is not about you, its about our children. Do not let politics and anger towards the right overcloud that because then nothing gets accomplished. Most of you mean well, but I am talking to the radicals who are quick to shut out anyone who wants to have a serious, civil discourse while maintaining a different position. Finger pointing and blaming makes us more broken than united while the lives stolen in Sandy Hook, Colombine, Virginia Tech, and every other shooting still never get their justice.

The time is NOW to make a change so the second amendment is still respected for those who care, and the people of America are protected by dangerous laws that leave weapons in the hands of dangerous people like Nikolas Cruz.

2. The police & FBI, school system, and social media are part to blame.

I am not afraid to hold the Broward County Police, FBI, public school system, and you bet it, Instagram too responsible for this situation. I will get to Instagram in a minute. Let’s talk about the fact those in power and control knew Cruz as “the crazy racist kid with the swastika on his bag who would probably be a school shooter” and still did NOTHING to stop him in his tracks. Let that sit with you for a second. Scot Peterson, the armed guard on campus, reportedly did NOT want to call the police because he thought he might have heard fireworks instead of gunshots, and he did not want to be “that guy”. Instead, he was informed by his boss to go to the front of the school and stand guard.

Scot sweetie, it would have been better to take the chance and look like a fool. Especially knowing that this kid had been labeled and destined “the future school shooter”, it was absolutely your obligation to call the police. You are culpable and so is the Broward County Police. And you know what the sad part is? There is no doubt in my mind that if Nikolas Cruz were black, he would have been apprehended and most likely murdered before stepping foot on the building. You and the Broward force have left a skidmark on the police slogan “to protect and serve”; you failed, horribly.

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