South Korea’s hottest on record

South Korea sweltered under a heat wave on Wednesday (August 1) with a record-breaking temperature in Seoul, leaving residents desperate for a cool way out.

Residents in Seoul were seen carrying fans and dipping their feet in streams to get some respite from the sun, while firefighters were spraying water to help cool down people’s houses.

South Korea’s Meteorological Agency said that the capital recorded the highest ever temperature of 39.6 degrees Celsius since they started keeping records in 1907, adding that the heat will last for a while due to a high atmospheric pressure around the country.

In northern Seoul, instruments on top of a building picked up temperature of 41.8 degrees Celsius, but the weather agency does not regard it as official since the location of the equipment is different from others.

Meanwhile in Hongcheon, about 100 km (60 miles) northeast of Seoul, the city logged the country’s official highest-ever temperature of 41 degrees Celsius, the weather agency added. (Reuters)

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