President Trump Responds to California Wildfires

Not many people know this, but there are a series of fires burning in California right now. Really bad. Horrific. No one is talking about it and it’s a shame. Very sad. The fake disgusting news is too busy covering the corrupt, rigged, witch hunt so they can cover up for the Democrat party governor there, Gov. Brown. Burning Jerry Brown I call him. I like that.

He’s letting the fires happen because he thinks we will send troops away from the border to go fight the fire. But our borders are so bad, so bad…we can’t do that. So he is letting California burn just to go after Trump.

Some people say ‘oh Trump doesn’t like California.’ That’s not true. I did very well here. Incredibly well, really, when you think about it. I won like 400 counties or something. Hillary won like two. But that’s where all the illegals and MS-13 live and more than 3 million votes that no one can explain. Maybe that’s why the DNC is hiding the server. We’ve got to see the server. We have to. Can you imagine if Crooked Hillary had won. Boring. So boring.

But I won California, really. I won if it weren’t for the vote fraud. Everyone knows that. Believe me. I got more votes in California than any Republican in history. Including Lincoln.

They don’t want to tell you that, because they know there’s a red wave coming. And in California, Dana Rohrabacher has my full and complete endorsement. His opponent is soft on crime, soft on borders, and soft on fires.

We aren’t soft on fires. We are tough. Very tough. I am the toughest president on fires in a long time. Well, ever, really.

I have proposed allowing beautiful clean, asbestos…I love asbestos…very clean…to flow freely again in the United States. The fake, fake, disgusting news all criticized me. Oh Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. They’re dumb. Right? Dumb. Not a lot of people know this, but do you know what clean asbestos is? It’s a flame retardant. Flame retardant. Beautiful retardant. That’s a good word, right? Retardant. It’s like reciprocal. Another great word. And before CNN and the fake news report this wrong, I mean retardant in the good way, not in the, you know, Maxine Waters way. Very low IQ person. Very low. It’s sad. Maxine Waters. Low IQ Maxine.

And she doesn’t give me credit for anything. Maybe if she’d just talk to her friends and her neighbors in the black community she’d know that the black unemployment rate is the lowest in the recorded history of black people. And Hispanic too. And soon women. That’s something no other president could say. Especially Obama. Ask Kanye. Or Ben Carson. But they won’t. The fake media will go talk to LeBron James. I call him LeBum James. LeBum. I hope that catches on. It will. I’m very good at names.

Many people are saying that if Trump were governor, the fires would be out by now. They’re probably right. No, they are right. It’s true. I am doing things we should have done a long time ago. Long time…believe me. The Democrat party and the fake news are all criticizing Space Force. Space Force! I love it. Even just saying it…Space Force! It’s going to be special. Very special. But if we had Space Force in place already, and we can’t because all the Democrats know how to do is obstruct. We need to change the rules in the Senate. 51 votes. Not 60. 51 votes. The Democrats obstructed Space Force so we can’t use it. But if we had it, there are two things it could do to get rid of the horrible fires. Many people don’t know this, but fires need oxygen. Oxygen. Space doesn’t have oxygen. So we could send Space Force vessels to bring the oxygenless air to the fires and blow it on them.

99% of the fires would be out. Like that. Then what little fire remains, and believe me, there will be very little, we could suck it back up into the vessels and drop the fire into space. Poof. It’s out. We could even suck up MS-13 members…animals…and put them in space too. But Democrats don’t want that…they need their votes.

Instead Burning Jerry Brown is using water. But he also shipped all of California’s water out to sea. It’s horrible. Think about it…California doesn’t have enough water to put out fires…and Puerto Rico…PWWERTO Ricoh…am I saying that right, Marco? Pwwerto Ricoh. I like that. Puerto Rico has too much water. If they can figure out how to move all of California’s water out to the ocean, why can’t they just do that in Puerto Rico. It’s an island. There shouldn’t be flooding, they should just let the water run off the sides back in to the ocean. Or if we had Space Force, we could bring the water to California. So easy. It is so easy.

And they say I’m not presidential. I am the most presidential person you have ever met. Believe me. You know it. They won’t tell you this, but I’ve ended the nuclear threat in North Korea, created the greatest economy in the history of our beautiful country, and I’ve made America great again. It was horrible what was happening to our country, but we stopped it. We had to. Should have been done a long time ago, believe me.

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