Making the Best of #Blogging to Achieve Status of #SideHustleMillionaire

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Someone somewhere online posed the question in so many words asking if getting rich is possible by putting up YouTube videos and making money from them. The honest answer to that is yes and no. Let’s start off with the no first. The reason why it’s not possible to get rich putting up videos on YouTube is because most people don’t like filling out the video description section with a clear and concise detail of what the video is about. Some people Take time to actually read those YouTube video descriptions. That’s one reason why I person can’t get rich uploading videos to YouTube and looking forward to making money from advertisements.

The second part answer to the question is yes, people can possibly become side hustle millionaires by uploading videos to the world’s most popular video social sharing network and here’s why. Savvy YouTube video content creators and internet marketers understand the importance of getting better rankings in YouTube video search results and rankings and search engines like Bing, Google and YaHoO!, by writing lots and lots of content and doing the transformation business work. With that said, writing a lengthy video description with relevant hashtags in every new video you upload to your YouTube channel with relevant keywords in the keywords section will help you rank better among video competition in YouTube video search results pages and in search engines.

When you write a lengthy YouTube description either 500 words or close to it and every YouTube video description and include a link to a specific blog post or web page in your site, you increase the probability of earning ad revenue from advertisements on your blog or website. Additionally, if you’re a member of the YouTube Partner program and have your Google AdSense account connected to your YouTube video channel where you can make money from videos alongside your ads, that’s another way you can potentially become rich.

You have to consistently create long form content for your YouTube channel in order to get closer to side hustle millionaire status. Many people fail in their YouTube video marketing efforts because they write one or two sentences. YouTube doesn’t directly mention this, but they actually rank videos better in the video search results pages that have lengthier video content descriptions. In other words, the longer the content in your YouTube video description, the better your videos will rank and the likelihood of learning increase views without shelling out one dime for paid advertising. The end result is getting more views to your YouTube channel, possibly more clicks on your Google ads next to your YouTube videos, in addition to driving traffic to the link you provided in your video description pointing to a blog post or web page with ads on it that’ll put you in the position to make money two fold.

While you won’t get rich immediately off of putting up videos on your YouTube channel, get in the consistent mindset of putting up one video a day or every other day. Get in the mindset of writing length your YouTube video descriptions so you can write better in search engine results pages of YouTube and Google and Yahoo and Bing. always remember that content is King across the internet and the more content your video or site has, the better you ranked across search engines and in YouTube search results video pages. Now that you have the answer to your question about possibly getting rich by uploading videos to YouTube, what’s your next video marketing strategy going to be like?

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