‘Don’t come to see me at work,’ actor Jang Keun-suk begs fans

Actor Jang Keun-suk. Yonhap

By Dong Sun-hwa

Actor Jang Keun-suk, who is doing alternative work for his compulsory military service at the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters, has told fans not to visit his workplace.

Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters. Capture from Naver Map

“Please do not stand on the road or wait at the building to see Jang commuting,” wrote the actor’s agency Friday. “Those who still come will be expelled from our fan club and will not be able to take part in any activities in the future.”

“Jang’s working site has strict regulations and normally restricts people’s access, since it is the place that deals with life and security. If fans unnecessarily visit the location and cause inconvenience to other workers, Jang will be at a serious disadvantage.”

The news surprised some, as the actor is well known for his kindness to fans.

Jang has been serving at the headquarters since July.

The actor could not do active duty because of bipolar disorder, which brings about mood swings. He was diagnosed in 2011.

Jang debuted in 1993 as a model for children’s wear. He rose to fame with hits such as drama “Beethoven Virus” in 2008 and “You’re Beautiful” in 2009.

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