The dire consequences of denying that election fraud is real, and a real problem.

In the controversial 2016 presidential election, 248 voter precincts had more cast votes than registered voters. More than 70 counties had voters aged 116, despite the oldest person in the world being 115 at the time. An examination of Florida found 2100 registered voters who cast votes, and then went on to cast votes again in other states. There have been illegal immigrants convicted of voting in this election.

Yet, mere weeks prior we all watched our then President get on national TV to declare that was not possible, and that anyone who suggested it is possible to rig an election in 2016 was deserving of scorn.

Now in California we have a major US city (San Francisco) openly allowing illegal immigrants to vote in a city wide election. FOIA requests by Judicial Watch have proven that there were more votes cast than registered votes in eleven California counties in the 2016 election.

We have ample evidence that there is in fact election fraud occurring, and it should be of grave concern to every citizen of this nation. The United States is a Representative Republic, the most basic tenet of which is that each person votes to elect their representative voice in our government. When people are denied that most foundational piece of our social contract, bad things happen.

“A man’s rights rest in three boxes. The ballot box, jury box and the cartridge box.” -Frederick Douglass

Though Frederick Douglass may have omitted the “soap box” in that speech, nevertheless it is an accurate statement. Americans have a long tradition of using the Four Boxes of Liberty to ensure that our votes matter. Perhaps the best illustration of the truth in that statement is the Battle of Athens, Tennessee in which a corrupt local government was besieged over election fraud.

If election fraud is allowed to continue, eventually it will happen again. On a large enough scale that we are all going to regret not doing anything to stop it when we could have. The truly sad part of this is that the remedy is very simple.

Nearly every other country has some form of Voter ID. Mexico issues voter ID. Even Iraq uses a rudimentary form of Voter ID. Yet when it is brought up here, the left starts screaming racism. Which is absolutely absurd. These same people then go on to give such cultured and intellectual objections as “black people wouldn’t be able to get a Voter ID because they don’t know where the DMV is.”

That is an actual quote from a registered democrat voter when asked why they oppose Voter ID. That may also be the most casually racist thing I think I’ve ever heard.

Voter ID is about one thing, and one thing only; ensuring that the vote of citizens legally allowed to vote matters. Voter ID is about upholding the very foundation of the social contract between We The People and our elected government.

At this point, with all of the clear evidence that we have of election fraud occurring, failure of our elected representatives to act to correct this egregious violation of the most basic social contract of our nation is dereliction of duty at best.

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