Must-Visit Art Shows in Hong Kong This Week: Chen Zhou to Tuan Andrew Nguyen

The art scene in Hong Kong has a host of events and exhibitions lined up for the week of August 10-16, with artists such as Tuan Andrew Nguyen, Leo VillarealChen Zhou, and many others headlining. Here is Blouin Artinfo’s list of the must-see shows:

Chen Zhou’s“Blue Hole” at White Cube

Through August 25

The exhibition features a recent installation by the Shanghai-based artist Chen Zhou. The work, created in 2018, “explores the contemporary psyche, addressing the loneliness and alienation of a world almost totally dominated by social media,” says the gallery. Projected in four-channel HD digital, “Blue Hole” depicts a female protagonist lost inside a blue cave, with her mobile phone as her only connection with the outside world. The installation also features two young girls searching for their lost friend in a forest; engaging in discussions about the loneliness they experience in the virtual world. Through the work, Chen attempts to highlight the restlessness we hide behind our “modern” facades while simultaneously seeking help through electronic gadgets. The work “draws inspiration from social media platforms, in particular a public WeChat account that the artist came across, which records the dreams and thoughts of a millennial teenage girl,” says the gallery.

Leo Villareal at Pace

Through September 7

The exhibition presents new works by the New York-based artist Leo Villareal, marking his first solo show in Asia. Villareal employs pixels and binary code to create rhythmic, non-repeating and random compositions in light. “Firmly rooted in abstraction and the psychology of perception, his work is purposefully open-ended and ethereal, encouraging viewers to draw their own interpretations,” says the gallery. The exhibition, titled “Escape Velocity,” features three large “Cloud Drawings” by the artist as well as an edition of smaller “Cloud Drawings.” There are also three new 4K OLED triptych works, similar to his “Signature of the Invisible,” recently exhibited at Art Basel. “A delicate black scrim will hang in the gallery, creating a porous boundary between the two series and enhancing the immersive quality of the installation,” says Pace.

“Gridology” at Lehmann Maupin

Through August 24

The exhibition brings together works by artists Gilbert & George, Liu Wei, Angel Otero, and Robin Rhode. Showcased together, the paintings, photography, and mixed media sculpture by these artists span between 2009 and 2015, offering a “contemporary contextualization on the minimalist grid,” says the gallery. The grid has been a formal device found since the early ages of art history, which has stood through time across post-war and Post-Modern art, and has been transformed after decades recently. The exhibited works by the featured artists in the exhibition offers a “unique, socially engaged, and personally reflective interpretations on the theme,” the gallery says.

“Forever & Today” at de Sarthe

Through August 31

For its second Artist Residency in Hong Kong, de Sarthe picked the non-profit curatorial initiative “Forever & Today,” co-founded in New York in 2008 by the curators and writers Ingrid Pui Yee Chu and Savannah Gorton. “Forever & Today’s mission is to curate and commission new work through exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, publications, and public programs,” the gallery says. For their residency, the initiative has established a curatorial office inside the gallery where the New York and Hong Kong-based artist Christopher K. Ho has created a site-specific installation, exploring the topic of “reverse migration,” referencing his travels between Hong Kong and New York. “Working closely with the architectural layout of the gallery, Ho’s installation will form a grid pattern that references the existing floor tiles,” the gallery said. The residency culminates in a two-week exhibition by Ho opening September 1.

Tuan Andrew Nguyen at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Through August 28

“My Ailing Beliefs Can Cure Your Wretched Desires” consists of a new series of works by the Vietnamese-American artist Tuan Andrew Nguyen (b.1976), and marks his debut solo show in Hong Kong. Tuan’s art addresses “strategies of political resistance through rituals, object-making, supernaturalism and the role of mass media in the moments of resistance,” the gallery says. The featured objects in the show “explore the relationship between mythology, worship, animal extinction, human consumption and political protest,” the gallery says.

Last Chance to See:

Liu Wentao at Pearl Lam Galleries

On view through August 17

Extended through August 17, the exhibition is a showcase of a selection of his recent pencil-on-canvas works by Chinese artist Liu Wentao (b. 1973). Pencil has been a fundamental tool in Wentao’s practice for over a decade, as the artist is “fascinated with the metallic reflection of light by the graphite,” the gallery says. Comparing his practice of drawing to meditation, Liu creates imagery that appears to be inspired by Minimalism and influenced by Eastern traditions. “My work is not about creating physical things; it is more about the investigation of depth within a state of mind,” Liu says. “It is more about the mental and contemplative practice in aspiring to an inner empty space of heightened awareness.”

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibitions.

Founder Louise Blouin


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