Missouri wasn’t the only good news this week, despite the continuing war on workers

The war on workers is unrelenting under Donald Trump, but there are still bright spots, and this week in particular had a few of them.

 Let’s start by once again celebrating that Missouri voters turned back an anti-union law—and it wasn’t even close. While that was a fight to keep Missouri workers from being dragged backward and down, it was a fight that the union movement won, even in a red state.

 Officials in Washington, D.C., were going to offer special treatment for white supremacists—until union workers said no and killed the plan.

 New York City is putting limits on Uber and Lyft:

The legislation passed overwhelmingly by the City Council will cap the number of for-hire vehicles for a year while the city studies the booming industry. The bills also allow New York to set a minimum pay rate for drivers.

 Tech workers and flight attendants are resisting immigrant family separation.

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