“It’s is better to be interested rather than be interesting in an interview”

In the name of ALLAH, The most Beneficent and The most Merciful.

There is a interesting story behind this a big title. Basically I am supposed to do an “Interested Challenge” in which I have to be interested personality in front of other while I am asking a lot of questions from them.

Let me tell the difference between “Be Interested” and “Be Interesting”. I know you guys seems to be little bit confusing while reading the title but it has simple meanings. While you are in an interview you have to be an interested personality mean show yourself as an interviewer finds interested in yourself. Here is a summarize difference between these two confusing words:

When you are talking about yourself or your feelings, use the –ed ending.

“I am interested in watching seasons.”

When you are talking about others or something outside yourself, use the –ing ending.

“That movie is interesting”.

So the challenge starts in a way that I reached to some friends, say “Salam” and start asking them a lot of questions regarding themselves.

I started in a very energetic way and asked them “How are you?”, they replied “Good”. “What about your family?”, “How is the life going on?”, “Tell me something about your studies?”, etc etc. Now at that time I was indulging slowly slowly in them. I am finding myself a little bit interested in him or her. Sometimes my friends said to me, “Are you OK!”, “ What happened with you?”, “Why are you interested in me today? How this happens?”. But I dogged them and tried to ask a counter questions from them. Some times they laughed at me but I was trying myself more and more interested in them. Some friends were moody and they did not reply me correctly, they just said, “Yeah… What about you?”

Take away from “Interested Challenge”:

I have learnt that how can you be interested in someone else because this thing helps you in an interview that you are interested in a company. One thing I want to mention here that from this activity I am little bit able now that how to interrogate or convince others to tell about them. I found this activity interesting. Try yourself this challenge and tell me about your friend’s interesting answers. I hope you will really enjoy this.

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