Elizabeth Warren’s lesson of persistence for progressives

I am really interested in how Democrats plan to motivate and speak to the issues of concern for young voters, especially those of color. This is a demographic that can make a real electoral impact at the local and national level. After having the chance to speak with Black PAC about their recent polling data, it’s quite clear that young black voters are interested in more than a “Dump Trump” strategy in 2018 and beyond. And black voters in general want to see Democrats taking progressive stances and leading on fighting racism and discrimination, police harassment, funding for schools, crime and violence. Though I know Sen. Warren’s record on these things, I would be interested in her thoughts about how the party can speak to and do better on these issues.

And before someone invariably comments about the following: yes, I know Democrats are doing WAY better than Republicans on all of these things. In fact, Republicans are dragging us back into the Stone Age when it comes to making progress on justice issues. But accountability matters. Democrats can’t just say they care about these things and continue to make slow progress or none at all on them. Many voters want to see Democrats do better in this regard, and I’d love to know what prominent progressives like Sen. Warren are thinking on the topic.

My final question would have been about what Democrats can do to improve conditions in urban communities and neighborhoods, especially like the very ones adjacent to Capitol Hill. As a Washington, D.C., resident, I’m disheartened at how gentrification has dramatically increased the cost of living and caused mass displacement in certain neighborhoods while others remain poverty-stricken and crime-ridden. It does not escape me that Democrats have spent an incredible amount of time talking about rural voters, economic anxiety, and the middle class while ignoring the very conditions and people in their own backyards. 

Democrats definitely need to talk about what they will do for everyone and at the same time, cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what’s happening in urban America. Just like rural white folks want good jobs and access to opportunities, so do people of color living in cities across the country. Democrats may be having these conversations at a local level but I’d like to see them elevate this conversation nationally. 

At any rate, it was a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Sen. Warren. She has a lot of respect for the Daily Kos community, as well! It’s great to have her in the fight to create a more inclusive, just, and fair America. 

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