Dinner Illustrated: Recipe Book Review

America’s Test Kitchen published a new cookbook, promising that dinner will be on the table in hour or less.  Sold!

Thumbing though the book, two things stood out: 1.) the ingredient lists are short– like, refreshingly short. 2.) The ingredient lists are completely devoid of exotic ingredients. But ATK has often placed a premium on making even exotic cuisine accessible to the home cook, so I’m not quite sure why I surprised.

The recipes looked simple, nutritious, but weren’t lacking sophistication or ‘zazz. I’m plenty excited to try lots of these recipes, and in fact already have! Well, one.

It’s obvious that ATK is trying to make weeknight cooking easy, with ingredient lists that aren’t a mile long and things can already be found in your fridge or pantry. That’s great! But for a recipe this simple, it’s critical that the ingredients be top notch. That mean the most pungent, spicy ginger and peak-of-fresh, juicy limes. I do not have easy access to produce this good, so if I were going to make this soup again, I would definitely bump up the flavor with extra aromatics and perhaps some Sriracha or Sambal Oelek. But it was perfectly serviceable  weeknight meal. I’m really looking forward to making more of their Asian-inspired soups.

Another thing that’s got me all a-twitter is vegetarian section–which did not get short shrift! It’s full of tantalizing recipes I’m sure I’ll be sharing here.

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