CNN’s Rachel Maddow calls for military strikes on Saudi Arabia

In an op-ed piece, CNN’s Rachel Maddow has just called for the US to take military action against Saudi Arabia.

Maddow’s impassioned plea came in response to Thursday’s Saudi bombing in Yemen of a school bus packed with children: 29 children (all under the age of 15) were killed, some blown, literally to pieces.

Maddow said:

“We have stood by too long and turned a blind eye to the Saudi led slaughter and genocide in Yemen. Right now, as I speak, Yemeni men, women and children are starving to death under a Saudi led blockade of their country…one shocking statistic is that, according to Save the Children, 50,000 children died as a result of the conflict in 2017 alone.

For make no mistake — this Saudi war against Yemen is a war against civilians. The Saudis have consistently and mercilessly targeted civilian infra-structre, schools, hospital, markets, wedding parties and now this….an airstrike on a school bus! A school bus, for God’s sake…oh, my lord…those beautiful little kiddies…those beautiful little….”

At this point Rachel broke down into tears, live on camera, so moved was she by the plight of the beautiful little kiddies — but, pro that she is, she composed herself and continued…

“Yes, yes, the little kiddies…can you imagine any act more barbarous and gross than an airstrike on a bus full of kids? I can’t! If Animal Assad or Evil Vlad The Impaler Putin did this, America would, rightly, rain bombs down on their heads.

So I’m calling for the same treatment for the Saudis that America, Exceptional nation and Crusader for Justice that it is, doles out to other Evil Regimes.

Bomb Saudi Arabia back to the Stone Age. For The memory of those beautiful little kiddies, bomb the Saudi’s….justice should be done for the memory of those poor, poor kiddies…oh, my lord…oh my…”

At this point, even Rachel’s hardcore professional cracked and, distraught with hysterical grief at the sad fate of those beautiful children, she had to be comforted by the film crew and the cameras cut away…

OKAY…yes that’s 50% fake news.

The non-fake bit is that the Saudis did target and bomb a school bus in Yemen on Thursday and did kill 29 kids under 15years of age; it’s also true to say that that act was, indeed, brutal, disgusting and inhuman.

The fake bit is that CNN would ever suggest any kind of action against Saudi Arabia for this atrocity or it’s genocidal war in Yemen…this is because:

  1. Saudi Arabia is our ‘ally in the Middle east’ and it sends a shit load of money on US weapons. CNN, being a faithful propaganda mouthpiece for the billionaire class who make, well, billions, from the US weapons industry ain’t gonna be rocking that boat any time soon.
  2. Saudi Arabia is assisted in it’s murderous war on Yemen…by…yes, you’ve guessed it — America. There’s every chance that the kids on that bus were killed by American bombs, dropped from American planes that were refuelled by the US air force on their way to Yemen to hit targets identified and pinpointed by US military intelligence. That kind of thing becoming public knowledge would, of course, be highly embarrassing for the government…so…that’s another boat CNN ain’t gonna rock!
  3. The kids killed (sorry, lets be honest…murdered) by the Saudis were brown-skinned kids in a far away country. And. well, who cares, everyone knows that those kinds of kids don’t count.

Read about the Saudi attack here (warning: article contains graphic and distressing images):

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