Twitter Shuts Down Accounts of Proud Boys, Their Founder Gavin McInnes – Variety

Twitter suspended the accounts of Vice Magazine co-founder Gavin McInnes and his far-right Proud Boys group ahead of this weekend’s “Unite the Right” rally in Washington D.C. Friday afternoon.

The accounts were shut down for violating the company’s policies prohibiting violent extremist groups, Twitter said in a statement to Buzzfeed News, which was first to report about the suspension.

McInnes co-founded Vice Magazine together with Vide media’s current president Shane Smith in 1994, but left the company in 2008. He went on to found the Proud Boys in 2016.

The group and its members self-identify as “western chauvinists,” and McInnes has in the past publicly distanced himself from white supremacists. However, Proud Boys regularly take part in far-right events, where members have been observed taking part in violence against counter-demonstrators.

Jason Kessler, the organizer of last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, was a member of the Proud Boys until the group expelled him following the backlash against the violent nature of the rally. Kessler is organizing a one-year-anniversary rally in Washington D.C. Sunday.


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