The untold truth of Hollywood’s giants

Robert Maillet is an intimidating sight indeed, mainly because he’s not oddly skinny like some giants. Instead, he’s over 320 pounds. There’s a reason he’s put in time in hard-hitting action flicks like 300, Pacific Rim, and Hercules, and films like Sherlock Holmes and Deadpool 2 that need a hulking big man to convincingly chuck around much smaller folks.

One reason Maillet’s so big and tough is that, for over 20 years, that was his job. He was a professional wrestler, though casual fans have likely never seen him in the ring. After debuting in 1990, he mostly hit the international scene, wrestling in Canada along with the occasional Japanese show. If casual fans know him at all, it’s probably thanks to the three years he spent in the World Wrestling Federation as Kurrgan. He started out as part of a South African militia group called the Truth Commission. He was their interrogator and, after seeing him in full-blown kill-you mode, you can see why.

After that act ran its course, he joined a group called the Oddities, who dressed and acted … oddly. The Insane Clown Posse would rap them to the ring and everything. That lasted until early 1999 or so, when the WWF gave Kurrgan his walking papers. Undeterred, he continued wrestling on the independents until Hollywood became a smarter investment. He hasn’t grappled since 2011, but the movies have kept him and his giant frame plenty busy since.

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