After a Report Criticizing Obamacare Removals From Medicaid.gov Starts to Circulate, the Law Gets a Boost on Medicaid’s History Page

After a government transparency group tried to alert the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of an upcoming report—which showed that a bank of webpages about Obamacare had been pulled from Medicaid.gov—a fresh batch of Obamacare information appeared in a prominent place on the site. At the bottom of Medicaid.gov’s “Program History” page, there’s now a table breaking down the numerous ways that the Affordable Care Act has affected Medicaid, expanding the number of Americans who are eligible and improving its benefits.

But a spokesman for CMS said that the update is a coincidence. The press officer that the group tried to email had been out of the office, Director of Media Relations Johnathan Monroe said in an email. “I can definitively tell you that the update was not connected to them sending us a letter or a heads-up,” he wrote.

Pacific Standard noticed the update after reporting on work from the Sunlight Foundation’s Web Integrity Project, which uses software to track tens of thousands of .gov webpages. Web Integrity Project Director Toly Rinberg says a staffer sent out inquiries to CMS in the afternoon on July 9th, and on July 11th.

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