FuboTV Pokes Finger In The Eye Of YouTube TV For World Cup Outage

Scrappy sports streaming service fuboTV couldn’t resist the opportunity to capitalize on YouTube TV’s red-card-worthy service outage in the middle of World Cup soccer action.

FuboTV issued a press release this afternoon touting beta tests of ultra-high definition video and high dynamic range prefaced with a not-so-subtle dig at YouTube TV.

“Wanted to let you know fuboTV’s platform has been steady with zero outages during World Cup,” noted Jennifer Press, Fubo’s head of communications, in an email, adding, “fuboTV is the answer to Owen’s now viral tweet,  “If Google can’t keep the live stream up during the World Cup, it’s unclear which company can do it. ‘”

The Google-owned YouTube TV is using the high-profile global competition to promote its cable-replacement service. It’s offering free streaming of all 64 matches, with more than 300 hours of 2018 FIFA World Cup coverage. So the service interruption, smack in the middle of the England-Croatia semifinal match, is hardly the stuff dream promotions are made of.

A Google spokesperson did not immediately respond to a question about the cause of the outage or how many people were streaming the match when service glitched.

Press’ swipe brought attention to its less headline-grabbing news, that fuboTV added support for 4K HDR10 in a public beta test.

FuboTV’s over-the-top service leans heavily on sports programming (with more than 30,000 events a year) but also carries traditional news and entertainment channels. It last reported 100,000 subscribers.

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