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Elaine Chao Loses Patience After Dem Protesters Attack Her Husband

Protesters who sought to ambush Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell found themselves thrown on the defensive Tuesday when McConnell’s fiercest defender entered the fray — his wife and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

McConnell was leaving an event at Georgetown University when some extremists decided to give him a hard time, Fox News reported.

President Donald Trump tweeted his ruling on who got the better of the contest.

The incident comes days after California Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters called for fellow liberals to harass Trump cabinet members at every opportunity.

Is this campaign of liberal harassment going too far?

Video showed a black SUV pulling up for McConnell and Chao. After several men started taunting McConnell, Chao got in their faces.

A short confrontation ensued, as reported by The Washington Post.

“Why don’t you leave my husband alone? Why don’t you leave my husband alone?” Chao said.

“I’m not trying to disrespect you, but why is he separating families?” a protester said. “I’m not trying to disrespect you. He’s separating families.”

Chao told the men to “leave him alone” as security guards pushed back the protesters to give her room to walk around the SUV.

“No, he’s not” separating families, she said. “You leave my husband alone,” she added, pointing at the group.

“How does he sleep at night? How does he sleep at night?” one protester asked.

The incident was videoed by a Twitter user who calls himself Roberto.

On Twitter, he claimed he was the son of Mexican immigrants and was returning from an internship at United We Dream when he learned McConnell was on campus and decided to stage a confrontation. Elsewhere on Twitter, he’s advocated for the abolition of the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Neither Chao nor McConnell would comment to The Washington Post.

The Taiwan-born Chao is a legal immigrant to the United States who arrived in America in 1961 after a cargo ship ride across the Pacific Ocean, CNN reported. She was secretary of labor in the George W. Bush administration.

She has been married to McConnell since 1993.


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