Tokyo DisneySea to feature a new Fantasy Port by 2022

Disney and OLC confirm a new addition to Tokyo DisneySea

Earlier this morning, Disney and the Oriental Land Company sent a press release to the public confirming the development at a new themed “port” at Tokyo DisneySea.

This time focusing on Fantasy, and drawing similarities to Fantasyland in the various Disney Magic Kingdoms, the new port will feature themed areas based on a variety of locales from Disney animated films. The films featured will be Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan, each with a respective attraction (or two in the case of Peter Pan) capitalizing on the property.

The Frozen area will likely mimic the new developments in Hong Kong and Paris, with a carry-over of Epcot’s Frozen Ever After attraction and a Frozen dining oppertunity.

The Tangled Area will feature a boat attraction in the vain of Frozen Ever After, but based around certain plot points and settings from Disney’s Tangled. In addition, the Happy Duckling bar from the film will be the basis of the featured dining option.

The biggest of the three themed areas will bet the Peter Pan area, taking place on the island of Neverland. Skull Rock is the centerpiece of the area, and the dining opportunity will be found in the hideout of the Lost Boys. One of the attractions will allow guests to shrink to the size of a fairy and enter Tinkerbell’s Pixie Hollow, and the other will be a more complex version of Peter Pan’s flight. It’s described as a boat ride through Neverland until Tinkerbell allows the boat to fly using pixie dust, but this draws noticeable similarities to the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction at Tokyo Disneyland. How Disney will differentiate is still unclear, and we will update when more information is released.

Source: Disney

Finally, the expansion includes a Fantasy deluxe hotel within the park, offering an exclusive entrance to the new expansion as well as direct views of the additional areas. The hotel will include two restaurants and a merchandise store.

The press release also identifies that the contract between Disney and OLC has been extended to 2076.

You can read the press release here for more information: http://www.olc.co.jp/en/news/news_olc/20180614_01e/main/0/link/20180614_01e.pdf

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