Roll out Surveys and Polls with Ease Using Digiclann

Providing the feature to roll out surveys and polls is a very important part of any Society Community Software in India. It enables Chairmen or Admins of the society to collect timely feedbacks from the society members about any society services or any general issues that they might be facing.

Digiclann, as a Society Management System, offers that level of flexibility to admin members (or the society committee) so thatthey can gather detailed opinions of the membersupon every aspect related to the society.

While Surveys are much more elaborative in nature to collect feedbacks about a scenario, polls on the other hand offers members a set of choices to choose from, so that committee can arrive on a decision using same. Surveys can consist of forms, questionnaire or checklists which can be presented before members to get it duly filled. Chairmen/Committee members can use it to collect data about an upcoming event in society, about the facilities offered by any vendor or about any major decision that needs to be taken as part of society’s overall improvement process.

Polls on the other hand, if designed wisely, can be of great help to Committee members to quickly collect feedbacks and have the know-how of any situations/problems related to society/community by taking the opinions of members on it.

Benefits of creating and conducting a Poll using a Society Management System:

· Online polling is much more organized than offline mode. It is easily accessible to every member of the society at any time so that he/she can vote freely.

· Conducting polls on major events of society, for example, selecting the date, time and venue for a Society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) becomes a piece of cake for organizers who are using any Society Community Software in India, if they just create a poll in it for society members.

· No one can beat the speed of organizing an online poll through a Society Management System. Once rolled out, polling can start and complete within minutes and organizers/committee members can take quick and reliable decisions based on it.

· The most important advantage of Online voting/polling over offline voting is its transparency. There are negligible chances of any discrepancies or glitches, and all the members of the society can completely rely on the fairness of the polling outcome.

Hope this article helped you in having clearer insights about the Feedback Management functionality offered by Digiclann, which is one of the fastest growing Society Community Software in India. If you need more information about how Digclann can help you manage your society in a better way, please contact us immediately and we would be happy to assist you.

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