Cop Brings NYPD Scooter On Rush Hour Subway Train: Gothamist

In 2010, the NYPD rolled out a new line of electric scooters for the Transit Bureau. Not quite as comical as their Clown Car Fleet, but amusing enough when dropped into the correct scenario.

This morning, a nice tableau rolled out before a gaggle of straphangers on the A train. One of them, Transportation Alternatives spokesman Joe Cutrufo, tells us he was on the downtown A when it stopped at Columbus Circle, and this officer and his T3 scooter boarded. “He stood there for a minute,” but backed out before the train pulled out of the station.

“It was weird,” Cutrufo said. Others on the train agreed:

Etiquette-wise, in a non-emergency scenario, should NYPD be allowed to bring their Paul Blart T3s on the train? (Even bikes take up a lot of space, particularly during rush hour.) It’s essentially bringing two means of transport (your legs, your scooter) onto a third means of transport (the train). However, these seem far too heavy to lug up the stairs, and since our subway system lacks elevators at each station, it makes sense as a way to transport those things between stations.

We would also accept one of those miniature NYPD clown cars in a subway car, but only for a one-off photo opportunity, preferably with clowns.

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