Chicago P.D.’s Sophia Bush Talked Complications Behind Leaving The Show

With roles in hit TV shows and movies, Sophia Bush has had a career that many would be jealous of, though those years were unfortunately not always the most easygoing. The actress, who rose to fame as part of the cast of One Tree Hill, spoke up about her highly publicized exit from Chicago P.D. after Season 4, which was reportedly due to one co-star’s workplace behavior. Here’s why Bush says it’s complicated to try and talk about that situation.

Sophia Bush shared those thoughts with Andy Cohen for an revealing conversation on the latter’s radio show Andy Cohen Live, and it was very clear that Sophia Bush does not view the entirety of Chicago P.D. as the root of why she left. On the contrary, it sounds very much like her exit was caused by the actions of only one particular person, though that person’s identity has yet to be revealed. And because of that, Bush doesn’t necessarily want to speak ill of a project employing dozens upon dozens of people that she cares a lot about and shared many good times with.

While sharing the above quote, Andy Cohen asked Sophia Bush if the former co-worker in question was still working on Chicago P.D., which she non-verbally confirmed. Had that not been the case, it’s certainly possible that Bush could have gotten more candid about the issue, but to go into detail about it now would only shine a harsh light on the NBC hit and those still working on it. So for the sake of everyone else involved, the actress will continue to stay mum. (Which isn’t to say that’s the only reason she’s keeping private, of course.)

Sophia Bush spoke of dealing with two “really terrible people” during her career, with the other one being One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, who was fired from his most recent gig (as creator and showrunner for The Royals) after multiple sexual misconduct allegations came out against him, with many stemming from those One Tree Hill years. Bush revealed that at one point when she was 21 years old, Schwahn grabbed her butt and she responded by hitting him “fucking hard” in front of a group of other producers, which he allegedly complained about to others after the fact. Bush says he knew to steer clear of her after that.

To that end, the actress succinctly wrapped up why harassment at the TV workplace is never a simple situation for anyone to deal with. In her works:

Indeed. You can hear Sophia Bush and Andy Cohen’s chat in the clip below.

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