The Blue Hurricane Has Hit Red Wind Shear, The President’s Golf habits, and Talking GOP Tax Cuts.

Since the beginning of this mid-term election cycle, the Democrats have repeatedly predicted of an incoming “blue wave” that was set to crash over the United States on November 6, 2018. As of recent, polls have shown the Democrats losing their edge. In early April, House Democrats held a whopping 14-point lead over the House Republicans, and ever since then, the lead has continuously been slipping away. Last month, polling even shown the Democrats losing their support with millennials, which, is the staple of the party. Polling showed the Democrats had lost 9-points with millennials, showing that only 46 percent of voters from ages 18 to 34, would vote for the Democrats.

Recently, Reuters Polling revealed, as of this week, the Republicans taking a 2 point lead on the generic ballots. On May 17, Reuters Polling showed 38.1 percent of their respondents said they would vote Republican, while 36.7 percent of respondents said they would vote Democrat. Around 15.5 percent of respondents said they “don’t know” which party they would favor, or just refused to acknowledge the question.

The Democratic Party recently wheeled out their message going into the mid-term election battle. Their promise to Americans, to make a “Better Deal for Our Democracy” if they vote Democratic. The Democrats plan to use Mr. Trump’s own words against him, particularly go after the term “Drain the swamp”, as the Democrats will try to sell the idea of Mr. Trump being the biggest swamp monster, this Nation has ever seen.

Maryland Representative John Sarbanes told CNN,
“We think this (new rollout) caffeinates, makes stronger and reinforces, all the other messages that are part of ‘The Better Deal, A Better Deal for our Democracy’ is telling people that we want to find a way to give them their institutions back and make their voice count again.”

The Question is; how will this new message hit home with voters? It’s fair to criticize Mr. Trump. After all, he seems to have a history of going back on his promises. The term “Drain the swamp” likely got him elected. And, he hasn’t done much to do so, thus far. You see this with Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, Robert Zinke, Steven Mnuchin, Betsy DeVos, and Mr. Trump himself, spending un-earthly amounts of taxpayers money on lavish expenditures. Mr. Trump has spent $67,437,912 in taxpayers dollars, on golf outings, alone. Even though he promised his voters he wouldn’t golf.

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.” — Donald J. Trump, August, 2016

Mr. Trump golfing.

President Obama golfed 306 times during his eight years as President. President Trump is projected to golf 318 times, in his first four years as President. If he were to serve a full eight-year presidency, he would be projected to golf 636 times. That’s not exactly what you would call “not having time to go play golf”. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Surely, “draining the swamp” means getting rid of “crooked” people who go back on their word. Well, I smell the thick aroma of hypocrisy in the air. And, it’s not just with golf. I really don’t care about his golf outings. I just use them as symbolism of lost promises, if you will. Actual promises gone back on, like the GOP tax cut benefiting average Americans for example, are things people actually worry about.

Paul Ryan is one of the key supporters of the GOP Tax Bill.

Mr. Trump promised to put more money back into America’s bank account. In reality, the huge majority of Americans, hasn’t seen a change. A Politico poll found that just 25 percent of individuals say they have seen an increase in their paycheck under the new GOP tax law. However, 51 percent of individuals say they haven’t seen any difference, and 24 percent aren’t positive. The poll did reveal, however, that Republican voters are more likely to say they’ve seen a raise in pay.

I asked CNN’s Chris Cuomo on April 26th, “Who is reaping the rewards of the GOP tax cuts”, he replied,

“We know the overwhelming benefit of the tax cuts go to corporations and the wealthy, period. How corporations will use savings, and how trickle down will affect others is the open question.”

This is fact, trickle-down economics has been tried, and it has failed. Many experts agree that trickle-down economics benefits, primarily, the super-rich. It’s 100% up to the billion-dollar companies, what they want to do with all the spare loot.

While wages aren’t going down, they aren’t going up as promised. Many Trump supporters will also say the economy is booming, as a defense, but the fact is, the economy has been booming. Jobs have been on the rise since President Obama took office in 2008. However, Mr. Trump should take credit for those things anyway, because, it is his Presidency, after all. However, while he takes credit for all the good, he should at least take some of the blame, when things go south.

After all, it is his Presidency.

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