Trump official profits from disinformation site used to attack America during 2016 election

2016 Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson shares ad revenue profits and web servers with a well-known propaganda site.

Via archived web source code, it has been revealed that former and current Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson not only shares web servers with two propaganda sites Truthfeed[.]com and TruthFeedNews[.]com but also shares a RevContent ad revenue account with the same propaganda sites.

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You can see the domains hosted on the same IP address below.

“ Truthfeed garnered more Facebook shares than the Wall Street Journal and National Review combined and almost equaled the reach of Fox News

via Bloomberg

“Every time I opened up my Facebook page there would be 20 new, complete bullshit right-wing articles,” said Klasfeld. “Either the title would be an outright lie, or the article would have nothing do with the title.”

Most of them, Klasfeld said, came from a website called TruthFeed. “Nothing in TruthFeed had any truth in it,” he said.”

via The Daily Beast

Nobody knows who ran the Truthfeed Facebook page during the 2016 election. It has effectively been ‘wiped’ of hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans since 2016. If these Facebook fans were paid for by a foreign actor, that would be illegal under US election laws.

Truthfeed had hundreds of thousands of likes and follows. (Feb. 21 2018)

As of today Truthfeed has less than 100 likes and follows. Where did their hundreds of thousands of followers go?

This begs the question… What exactly is Katrina Pierson’s relationship with the propaganda site? Was she profiting off this fake news during the 2016 election? Who runs the Facebook page? Who funds the site? Could this be ‘collusion’ with a foreign actor putting out fake news and propaganda?

As of now Katrina has not responded to this story and blocked our Twitter requests for comment.

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