At Revere High, DiGiulio knows how to win

If there’s a playoff team at Revere High School, chances are Emily DiGiulio is a part of it.

The three-sport junior has qualified for the postseason with each of her teams each season since she started at the school in 2015.

When the girls’ lacrosse team starts tournament play June 3, it’ll be the ninth straight DiGiulio team to make the playoffs, an impressive feat for someone attending a school not known for its athletic success.

“It’s insane actually,’’ said DiGiulio of her accomplishment. “I can’t even believe it. It’s tough to do, especially in Revere. It’s something to put under your belt that’s awesome.”

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As an outside hitter in volleyball, a sport she picked up in ninth grade, she has helped lead her squad to three MIAA Division 1 Central/East tournaments. Her lacrosse team has reached the Division 1 North tournament the last two years.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

DiGiulio stretches for the ball during the Swampscott game . . .

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

. . . and at another point in the contest, held onto the ball as she was surrounded by a sea of Swampscott blue.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

DiGiulio looked to pass to a teammate during the game. “She’s an assisting machine,” says head lacrosse coach Manny Lopes.

But basketball is where DiGiulio has found the most success, with Revere racking up a 51-11 record in the past three seasons. She and her teammates made the sectional final in 2016, reached the second round last year, and were knocked out in the first round this year.

DiGiulio said she’s passionate about all three sports, but that basketball is her favorite.

“I’ve been playing sports my whole life,” she said. “I’m a natural athlete, I love the game, I love everything I play, and I just put everything I have into it.”

She couples her non-stop playing and moving from sport to sport without extended breaks over the school year with non-stop studying inside and outside the classroom. She said she knows where her priorities lie, and maintains a grade point average of over 4.0.

“It’s like school, practice, home, repeat, every single day. It’s tough,” she said. “School always comes first for me. Any coach has told me that, my parents tell me that, I know that personally.”

She said she places an emphasis in academics to such an extent that playing sports in college isn’t in her plans right now. She’s hoping to attend a large-scale college like Michigan, Clemson, or Syracuse.

College applications are several months away, however, and DiGiulio still has the rest of the 2018 lacrosse season to compete in.

Revere girls’ lacrosse head coach Manny Lopes said DiGiulio fits in well with the the squad, which features Kiana Napolitano and Taylor Sujko, two of the highest scorers in the Northeastern League, DiGiulio, an attack, consistently sets them up for goals.

“She’s an assisting machine,” Lopes said of DiGiulio, who has 21 assists over 11 games this year to go along with 10 goals of her own. “It’s nice to have someone like her on the team. I enjoy coaching her.”

There are similarities in the sports DiGiulio plays, said Lopes, and that can give her a leg up in competition.

“Basketball lends itself to lacrosse and lacrosse lends itself to basketball,” he said. “So when I tell her we’re going to talk about posting up she knows what I’m talking about.”

On a cool Monday evening under the lights on the artificial turf field at Wilmington High School, Revere turned an early 3-1 deficit into a 11-6 halftime lead and eventual 17-8 win.

DiGiulio played all but the final 3½ minutes of the contest. She took a lot of instruction from Lopes from the sideline, who was telling her to “possess.” She consistently set up plays behind the net, but didn’t take many shots on goal herself and didn’t score, electing instead to pass the ball on most occasions, living up to her coach’s “assisting machine” characterization.

Lopes wants her to take more shots on net and be more aggressive. He also wants her to communicate more on the field. While this season is far from over, Lopes is hoping all that will happen in DiGiulio’s senior year if not sooner.

“Sometimes she’s too quiet, and that’s something that I’ve mentioned to her before — that she has to get a little bit louder,” he said. “That’s an expectation. That’s something that’s going to be coming in next year when she’s a senior.”

DiGiulio said she’s on board and knows that communication is essential in sports.

“Every sport you need to pay attention and talk with your teammates, it’s definitely important,” she said. “Leadership, definitely going into my senior year, I need to step up.”

For her final year at Revere, DiGiulio wants more than to just reach the playoffs with her teams. She said she hopes to step up during the postseason and go deep in the draw.

“I still get another year to prove myself,” she said. “And do what I need to do to finish out.”

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