Messed up things at Woodstock

Because lacerated feet, heat exhaustion, and people getting run over by tractors just wasn’t enough to keep them all busy, the medical team also had to set up separate tents just to treat people who were having bad trips. According to the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, one newspaper estimated there were around “25 freakouts each hour,” and since freakouts could last several hours, these patients started filling up the tents pretty quickly.

Unfortunately the Woodstock medical team wasn’t really that experienced with LSD “freakouts,” so they enlisted the help of the Hog Farm, yes, the same people who passed out all the granola. The Hog Farm provided 85 people who were all experienced in running “trip tents” at similar festivals. The Hog Farmers had developed a technique for talking down bad trips, which was remarkably successful and also saved them from having to use Thorazine, a seriously hard-core tranquilizer and anti-psychotic drug commonly used to treat bad trips in emergency rooms.

In hindsight, most people fail to recognize just how important the medical services were, and how equally important it was for doctors and nurses to remain non-judgmental in the face of so much recreational drug use. Because of that, people experiencing drug-related side effects weren’t afraid to seek help, which meant they would get the care they needed, but also helped prevent any widespread panic that would have definitely gotten in the way of all the mud-soaked peace and music.

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