‘Ocean Memories’ by Mathieu Lehanneur at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris

With his cleverly designed marble and bronze works, artist Mathieu Lehanneur seems to capture the motion of the ocean in a static structure. “Ocean Memories,” an exhibition by Lehanneur, is being showcased at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris and the solo show will be on view until June 22, 2018.

“In the continuity of his ‘Liquid Marble’ series, Mathieu Lehanneur brings us a surrealistic and materialized vision of an ocean frozen in its movement. As a three-dimensional still picture, ‘Ocean Memories’ works to capture the complex movements of waves and currents,” says the gallery.

The work showcased in this exhibition is digitally designed and created from blocks of white and gray marble or polished bronze. The relief of the water is imprinted on these pieces, which reflect light from their surroundings and distort it in such a way that it seems a part of the ocean is fixed on the material.

“Through this new collection, Mathieu Lehanneur plays a permanent balance between geometric and organic. Each of the works reveals this fluid and progressive transition between the two states of matter,” says the gallery.

“The transition from solid to liquid is a magic of physics, a moment of tilting from static to movement, a passage from the inert to the living,” says Mathieu Lehanneur.

Mathieu Lehanneur was born in 1974 in Rochefort-sur-Mer in France He graduated from National School of Industrial Design, Paris. His project “Therapeutic Objects” was included in the permanent collection of MoMA. Another of his projects “Andrea,” an indoor air purifier, won American Popular Magazine’s “Best Invention Award” in 2008. His work has been showcased in numerous national and international exhibitions and is included in many public and private permanent collections. Mathieu Lehanneur is a versatile designer and works with brands from different  fields such as luxury goods; technology (Sony); high-level furniture and street furniture; sports (Nike); perfume; spirits; and hospitality, among others.

“‘Ocean Memories’ tables, benches or stools seem to contain a concentrate of energy, movement and strength. At the same time, furniture and sculptures, these fragments of oceans are a potential life fixed forever in stone and bronze,” the gallery says.

“Ocean Memories” will run through June 22, 2018, at Carpenters Workshop Gallery, 54 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek of the artworks.

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