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Stormy’s secret

Stormy’s secret

by digby


I’ve been wondering about this from the beginning:

On March 22, mere days before his client Stormy Danielshotly anticipated 60 Minutes interview was set to air, attorney Michael Avenatti tweeted out a cryptic message, accompanied by an even more puzzling photo:

“If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” how many words is this worth?????#60minutes #pleasedenyit #basta

Daniels, of course, is a renowned porn star who was paid $130,000 by President Donald Trump’s longtime attorney/fixer Michael Cohen to stay silent about an alleged affair she had with Trump in 2011, months after first lady Melania Trump gave birth to their son, Barron. In addition to the payoff, Daniels has subsequently claimed her life was threatened by a mystery man acting on behalf of Trump or Cohen. (The president has denied knowing about the payment.)

He’s since called the Twitter missive a “warning shot” to Trump—a sentiment he echoed on Friday night’s episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

During the “Overtime” segment, which only airs online, Avenatti was asked if he’d ever “release the contents of the warning-shot disc of evidence you tweeted about.”

“Possibly. It depends how the case progresses,” he replied.

Maher then pressed, “What’s on it?”

“Well, we took that picture and we tweeted it out and it was exactly that—it was a warning shot to Michael Cohen and the president that if they tried to claim that my client was a liar after 60 Minutes there was gonna be consequences, and it worked, and it worked perfectly because we heard nothing from them,” said Avenatti.”

I have no idea what they may have, if anything. But it is very telling that Trump apparently thinks they might have something. If I had to guess he probably thinks they have audio recordings of something incriminating. And we know his lame little fixer liked to record things.

Bu who knows? Avenatti is a canny player and it could be a bluff. But it sure seems that Trump is worried about something…


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