Stunner: Judge Who Forced Hannity’s Name to Be Revealed Has Clinton Ties

Judge Kimba Wood

Imagine my shock.

Bet you didn’t see this coming:

Now it is true that Wood was initially a Reagan appointee back in 1988. But this honestly means nothing: her Wikipedia page says the appointment was made on the recommendation of New York Senator Al Damato, also a Republican. Meaning it doesn’t sound as if she was Reagan’s hand-picked selection. Sounds like it was Reagan doing Damato a favor. At any rate, most judges go way left upon being appointed.

What we do know is that five years after she was appointed to the court by Reagan, Bill Clinton chose her to be his attorney general, but her name was ultimately withdrawn, as reported above.

I’m sure Clinton selected her because of her Strong Conservative Credentials.

And look at this:

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On one hand, you have the fact that she was appointed by Reagan.

On the other hand, you have the fact that Kimba Wood was Bill Clinton’s nominee to be Attorney General in 1993, the fact that Wood presided over George Soros’ wedding in 2013 and now, in 2018, that she made besieged Trump lawyer Michael Cohen reveal that Sean Hannity was one of his clients for no other reason than to smear Hannity through guilt by association.

I don’t know — maybe this Kimba Wood is doing more than calling balls and strikes. Just maybe.

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