Eyewitness accounts

Attesting to the disappearance of the letter between H and K

Eyewitnesses. ( Mercy on a pedestal). Artwork by author

There are times when I’ve seriously questioned the veracity of an eyewitness account. For example, how can anyone swear by these below statements?

  • He sang like an angel.
  • Her sorrow was palpable.
  • You could have cut the silence with a knife.
  • Walls have ears.

Ok. So these are idioms and metaphors, and we all know that a metaphor is a lie that points to an imagined truth. An imagined truth is technically a big lie too.

So, we lie. All the time.

Picasso said something to the extent that it takes a whole bunch of lies to reveal a truth. Maybe I lie, because I don’t know for sure that he said it, though someone certainly did. But that’s certainly true of good story telling:

The more you stretch the imagination, the closer you come to some emotional truth. And we all know that the emotional truth is what reveals monumental things. Things like race issues, which cannot really, ever, ever be put down in black and white. It takes the collective might of all the humanities to reveal something that big. Mostly, until we get all emotional about it, something as monumental as racism disappears from view.

In my life experience, the fabrication of the Humpty Dumpty incident might be the most reliable eyewitness account I’ve ever heard. Eggs do roll off counters and can never be put together again. Ever.

As for me, I cannot be a reliable eyewitness because around me events get misplaced all the time. Like they were gadgets or something. For instance, I don’t know where I misplaced the event of 1954. It was there, why, even yesterday I saw it by the pile of books, but I can’t find it today. I need it so, to prove a point to my sister, but there you have it. Without proof, the event of 1954 never happened, and she wins her case.

On the other hand, misplacing a watchamacalit isn’t that catastrophic. Like I cannot find the letter “__” on my keyboard. You know, the one in the middle of H and K. It was there yesterday. Could have sworn it was. Had I written this account yesterday, you can bet that there’d have been many words using the letter “__” in this passage. As you can see, there are none.

And there it is. The letter “__” bears witness to its own absence by not showing up.

Is that an honest eye witness account, a reliable testimony?

It is, isn’t it.

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