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Marco Rubio Busted Selling Out to Russian Oil Oligarch for Secret Million Dollar Payoff

was Marco Rubio corrupted by the Russians?

While Donald Trump and his numerous staffers are publicly tied to the Russia Investigation, they were far from the only political group to have financial associations with Russian oligarchs.

As I reported on Tuesday, March 27, the National Rifle Association was outed having accepted foreign donations from Russian-backed sources, including potentially a leader of the Bratva. And of course the NRA is one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in the country, particularly with republicans, who practically swear fealty to the organization. And the NRA strongly supported President Trump’s bid for the white house, and are reportedly under FBI investigation for possibly laundering Russian money in connection with the Trump campaign.

Followers of this startling story of foreign corruption can now add another familiar name to that list of likely compromised individuals: Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Scott Dworkin, one of the co-founders of the anti-Trump group the “Democratic Coalition Against Trump,” has published on Twitter a copy of a receipt of a check, for an astonishing one million dollars, which Rubio’s super PAC, the “Conservative Solutions Project,” received from “Access Industries Inc.”

Access Industries is an oil and petrochemical conglomerate founded and chaired by a Soviet-born industrialist named Sir Leonard Blavatnik. It has headquarters in both New York and Moscow, and has done business worldwide.


.@MarcoRubio-Can you please explain this $1,000,000 contribution to your super PAC from a Russian billionaire who made billions off Russian oil? How many meetings did you have before you got this million dollar check? What did you offer in return? Floridians deserve answers. pic.twitter.com/BElSPIYFb0

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) March 25, 2018

As readers may guess, Blavatnik is more than just an investor. He reportedly has business ties to Putin through two of the President’s close friends, as well as a Russian government bank. Back in August 2017, Ruth May of The Dallas Morning News reported that he had contributed a total of $6.35 million to several Republicans and prospective presidential candidates in 2015-2016, including Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, John Kasich, Mitch McConnell, and of course Rubio.

Of the group, McConnell and Rubio had the highest donations with $2.5 million and $1.5 million respectively. Rubio’s income was split between the aforementioned Conservative Solutions Project as well as the Florida First Project. Thanks to Dworkin and the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, we now know that the former got the majority of that money with $1 million, and the latter subsequently $500,000.

All of this information is shocking because it shows just the deep the pockets of these Russians are. When you combine that wealth with the fact that corporate contributions have been proven to increase corruption in congressman (let’s be real here, it’s legalized bribery), it creates a situation where U.S. policies can be significantly influenced by international states and/or their representatives.

Which raises a series of deeply disconcerting questions… How many of the Republicans who ran for President last cycle did the Russians try to buy? How many of them sold out their country? Did the Russians pay any of them to take a dive, or go easy on Trump? What did they get for their money? Did they meet with any of the candidates, or their representatives? Were there negotiations? Was there collusion? Was there Treason? Were the Republicans trying to buy as many candidates as they could, to ensure that they have a say in the political scene, no matter who is elected.

It would seem these Russian associates of Putin were so desperate to keep Hillary Clinton (who had promised to crackdown on Russia, as Obama had) out of office that they were willing to corrupt as many GOP members as possible? Remember, it was the Republican party which pushed through the Citizens United bill, which legalized corporate and foreign bribery like this, as Democrats warned of the kind of foreign interference we now have experienced.

Trump is widely considered to be the Manchurian Candidate in the contemporary political atmosphere, but it appears he may not have been the only target. And whether the contributions may have been, mind-bogglingly, legal – treason most certainly is not.


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