Ohh Canada! The perfect little place everyone wishes to visit. Even though it is located near the greatest god damn country in the world, this place is surprisingly different. In a better way? Yeah, right! This place has amazing outdoors, great people and delicious cuisine.

What Canada really looks like

Let’s start with outdoors. Canada is most probably the coolest place on earth. No, literally, the coolest. Canada is the fifth freaking cold country in the world. If you were looking for a place to freeze your ass off, this place is it. Who cares about frostbite, health or a painless death, am I right? Never mind those things, if you live in Canada, you are too damn hardcore. For god’s sake, you get to live with wild animals; you are surrounded by wolves and moose, while having raccoons and beaver as pets. If you are an animal lover, this place is perfect for you. Well, unlees you get attacked and die because of them or as in another quite unique way to die now, not so much in the past; because of rabies. Just perfect.

To continue with, it is no secret that Canadians are polite as hell. They apologize for everything. Yeah I know, at first it is fun when you visit there and get them to apologize even though it is your own fault, but in time, it gets quite annoying. What’s really surprising is that, all this politeness and well-behavior that comes from this civil people, just like that disappears when it comes to hockey. This people go mad, stupid and irrational when it comes to hockey, just like brits and their football. Awesome.

Also, don’t forget, Canadians love to drink beer, a lot. Drinking huge amounts of beer and arguing over the country’s most beloved sport, what could possibly go wrong? Accidents happen, even in Canada, so it is cool. How? Well to be fair, free health care comes pretty handy in this point. Speaking of free health care, you will need it when you consume that much sugar in your daily life; Canadians produced approximately 12.53 million gallons of maple syrup in the past year. They go crazy for this shit and not just for eating, apparently.

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