the.coin | Brainstorming Kyle’s Bitcoin Movie

We have to kill bitcoin because it’s the only thing the.coin wants.

the.coin is an Artificial Intelligence Blockchain that has hired employees, made executive decisions, and eventually brought the world to it’s financial knees. All the.coin wants is Bitcoin and the only way to save ourselves is to let go of the one we love.

First things first. These words mean nothing. I’m just brainstorming. This is all Kyle’s idea.

Here is Kyle’s ideas for a Bitcoin Movie. Working title, the.coin.


Crypto and Fiat forces must come together and kill what they they unkowingly created.

A new AI blockchain called THE.AI is launching another ICO that continues to FOMO the markets. The blockchain deploys easy dapps at an abundant rate. The public love it. Wall Street loves it. Third world countries are a thing of the past. Everyone is a 1 or a 2. You have or you have more. But everyone has enough. It coexists with other FIAT and CRYPTO. And now at a major Bitcoin Convention in Basel Switzerland, it’s about to make a major announcement.

Our hero, Kyle Bishop, is a successful boots to ground bitcoin enthusiast He is known for his news and bitcoin stories. Since high school, Bishop has worked hard to travel the world living that crypto life. At the Swiss Meetup, he meets and falls in love with young and successful central banker, Joella B Jordan. Despite their differences, they discover what the.coin really wants.

Over the course of 3 days, Kyle and Joella travel from Basel to Rome to discover the truth behind THE.AI coin. A satirical and romantic story of two people’s attempt to survive catastrophe. They make babies.

Personal Notes ~ I have no idea where this will all go. I think the romantic story needs some work. I mean, all of a sudden they make babies? Right at the end there? But I like that it travels within a short period of time. I think if AI if does rule the world, then it is gonna want some kick ass Crypto movies. Maybe that’s how this all got started. Maybe AI hired me. Maybe Satoshi was just a Disney character all along. Maybe I am Kyle. Maybe Kyle is real life successful social media bitcoin enthusiast, @kennethbosak. Maybe both of us are Kyle. Either way you’ll have to follow @kennethbosak and @jacobts for more.

What kind of Bitcoin Movie would you like to see Hollywood make?

Originally published at steemit.com on March 17, 2018.

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