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He doesn’t do homework. He’s, like, smart. He went to good schools.

He doesn’t do homework. He’s, like, smart. He went to good schools.

by digby

by digby

Trump‘s bragging that he is a dumb liar and there’s nothing anyone can do about it at a fundraiser last night raises some important questions about what comes next with North Korea:

This isn’t the first time we’ve got a glimpse behind the curtain. Early in his presidency, The Washington Post obtained transcripts of his calls with the leaders of Australia and Mexico. Trump‘s call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull turned contentious after Trump became enraged by an agreement the Obama administration made with Australia to take some refugees. Trump didn’t seem to have any understanding of the agreement of Australia’s policy of not accepting refugees who arrive by boat

What happens if Trump takes this approach — or the one from the meetings on guns and immigration — to his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un? Can a guy who can’t be bothered to understand the basics before talking to foreign leaders and lawmakers do the kind of homework required for very sensitive and complicated negotiations involving nuclear programs? And what if he doesn’t even try? What if he decides to wing it, as he did with Trudeau?

He won’t do homework. He can’t. He has no capacity to learn new facts that conflict with the worldview he adopted more than 30 years ago. He operates entirely on a feral instinct for grandiose self-aggrandizement and personal survival.

If we get out of this alive it will be a miracle. And if we do he will brag that he saved us.


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