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Watch Parkland Shooting Survivor Flatten Delusional Gun Nuts With Surprising Message

the united states has reached a high water mark with its disturbing gun culture

The Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Parkland, Florida was not just another gun massacre in the United States: it was the start of a social movement that has been long overdue since at least Columbine. The survivors from the school, mostly consisting of Generation Z students, have decided enough is enough. And they are taking action on this issue through a group called Never Again MSD.

American gun culture is a messy topic because it stretches into a lot of aspects of the culture, from sports to obviously politics with the second amendment. As such, it’s not surprising to see Alex Jones-type lunatics on the fringe attacking these innocent students for their activism. Conspiracies, similar to the ones from the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in December 2012, have sprouted up all over the Internet. And a lot of these monsters go so far as to personally degrade the policy advocates.

However, according to David Hogg, one of the student survivors of the Parkland shooting, and a leader of Never Again MSD, this slander is actually beneficial to the movement. Remember, the old saying is, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Speaking to MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid, Hogg had this to say about the paranoia crowd;

“Honestly, they’ve been doing a great job. It’s been great advertising for me. I’ve quadrupled my Twitter following as a result. … I got so many more press people covering me and covering this event. They’re helping people not forget about this, and for that I actually thank them.”

A perfect way to not only cope with the onslaught of right-wing delusions, but to also channel it into something positive. Compare this to YouTube’s recent decision to take down of one of the conspiracy videos. Some might argue that kind of action will only give the conspirators fuel for their fire. But then again, by letting these people spread their hate, their psychosis is exposed to the new generation.

Check out the video below of Hogg’s response:


David Hogg Conspiracy Theorists For Giving More Attention To Parkland Survivors’ Cause #AMJoy pic.twitter.com/oL1FCG5JdG

— Sean Colarossi (@SeanColarossi) February 24, 2018

Image a screen capture from Defeat Donald Trump In 2020’s YouTube channel


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