VideoPaint by #immateriale arte

At the beginning of my artistic way, five years ago I started to develop a thought round a new idea that was getting space in my mind:

Realizing the dematerialization of the physical object who everybody knows with the name of “Quadro” or (Framework).

This took me away for a long time involved night and day into the development of the process, but in three years I have developed the possibility to realize the visualization of the “Quadro” without being material anymore.

I have invented and realized some different type of processes to reach this result, but all this stuff are directly derivated by my pictorial perspective. This means that I have painted all the videos that I produced as canvases, with the same old gesture of the painters once upon the time.


Now with the realization of my idea the pictorial art enter a new territory that I have called — #immateriale arte — If you like it, I will bring you amidst this unexplored place to show up the new forms, rules, and the values that here are the law.

This VideoPaint is created under the concept of — #immateriale arte — the painting is developed with some different processes that I have invented and developed with my research starting 2013.

This VideoPaint is a mix of two techniques that I developed by myself under the concept of — #immateriale arte 

The first is the Painting of Transformation that was the first tech. that I invented round 2013.

The second is the #MobilityArt or the painting with just a smartphone, that I developed until the beginning of summer 2016.

I hope that you can understand that all this new stuff is a huge opportunity for a Sponsor to enter into a new form of art, and take to advantage of the Video Social Media Marketing, through one handcraft art painting unique in the world. #immateriale arte.

Am in search of opportunity for collaboration.

Flavio the painter of Transfromation.

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