Don’t be mad with conservatives

Perhaps you got offended by the response to some of your adventurous plans to travel or start your own business. Maybe you got annoyed by reaction of some of your friend or family towards LGBT. Some people are sad hearing aggressive comments towards the immigrants. You got the impression that this group is static, going backwards or living in a past. You can’t understand that they do not get the simple logic in your argument and take the risk. It is hard for you to understand why everybody is not progressive, do smart, brave and adventurous decisions.

Adventurous people are pushing civilization and humanity forward. But because of another part of our population, we are still here. Since the beginning of the ages, there were adventurous people that were willing to put their lives at risk. Great explorers willing to sail to unknown. Some scientists were eager to work with dangerous substances even if they might have brought them death. Sacrifices for innovations. These people deserved respect by moving the civilization forwards. Unfortunately, these explorers often paid the highest price on the way.

To be caution of unknown is that part of human behaviour that helped us to survive till now. Since always humans needed to stick to what was known in order to survive. A newcomer could bring unknown disease to the tribe. Eating new food or plant could lead to poisoning. A traveller could be just a frontier of looters. To be afraid of an unknown is the simplest way to survive. We can discuss to what extent it is in the current age of information exchange healthy to stick to this habit. Yuval Noah Harari in his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is discussing human evolution. He argues that it is exchange of the information what makes humans unique and placed on the top of the food chain. Standard group of primates consist of no more than 30 members. Once humans started to communicate, their ability to build trust even unknown members went to thousands. The reason is gossip, information exchange and control over the relations.

But we must bear in mind, that both groups had their place in the development of our civilization. Survival and improvement.

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