“Two Things Can’t Be True!” -Americans

I missed the day of school where most Americans learned that two unpleasant things cannot possibly be true at once.

Well, there ya have it!

Chip Gibbons recently wrote in The Nation that “The FBI has acquired a semi-heroic status among some on the left who wrongly view it as a check on Trump…the Republicans’ absurd attempts to portray the FBI as carrying out a politically motivated witch hunt are met with strong defenses of the FBI’s institutional integrity.”

Both of those ideas are absurd. It’s similar to the cartoon to the left, where two people argue which is solely true: Trump Is Lying, or Deep State Operatives Are Imposing Socialism On The US.

Trump is lying. Sure, of course. Trump is a liar, and I’d expect no less. He lies about everything.

The FBI is certainly not imposing socialism anywhere, let alone the US, but to dismiss concerns about The FBI deposing a democratically (albeit through a stupid system) elected president with, “Nope. Trump is lying. Shut up,” is just ignorant of history, even recent history and current history.

“Current History”: Also known as “events.”

Trump is a lying maniac AND the FBI and CIA take out leaders they don’t like. It’s true when it’s foreign leaders who try to nationalize their oil revenue, it’s true when it’s Black Liberation leaders, and it’s true when it’s Trump.

I am concerned that Trump is a lying maniac.
I am concerned that we have a system where the person with 3 million fewer votes can assume power.
I am concerned that a people’s candidate who brings 30,000 people out to rallies can be sidelined by corporate media blackout.
I am concerned that we have agencies that can use flimsy evidence to depose leaders elected by the system that is in place, even if that leader is Trump.

All of those things are true, and they are all legitimate reasons for concerned. The trouble is when you turn everyone concerned about one of them into a literal caricature like the MAGA guy in the cartoon.

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